Since only a few people sent their confirmation for the reunion, the venue will now be at COOKING ANGELS (Guerrero St. near Mandarin Tea Garden) at 6:30pm on October 31, 2008.  


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I went to our school's kindergarten department this afternoon to watch a program of my son.  Then I saw this poster near the entrance and decided to post it here. (click image for a larger view)


To all Centralian 98, please register at Mybloglog so that everytime you visit this blog, your presence will be recognized as shown below.  Don't forget to upload a photo.


I would like to thank the people who are diligently attending the meetings for our supposed to be reunion (I'm not one of them). I think 3 meetings have passed and only few of our batch mates attended it. So the group just decided to have a get together party this October 31 at the Buffet Palace (Victoria Plaza). Contribution will be P 400 per person and another P 400 if you will bring your partner. Deadline of contribution will be on October 15. I hope we reach 50 so we can avail of the function room. No programs have been discussed yet because there will be a follow up meeting this September 13 at Cafe Mario COOKING ANGELS along Guerrero St. 7:00 pm. I hope many can attend for the final details. Please feel free to drop some comments if you have any suggestions regarding the scheduled event. For those batch mates who are out of the country or in another town, don't worry, there will be a grand reunion to be scheduled in the near future.  (I hope so!)

Special thanks to Louie Lynne Hao for informing me about this meetings. Thank you also to Christine Lua for the correction of the Section A's adviser. I posted Mrs. Palec but it was Ms. Umagtang pala. Hehe. Any additional info will be much appreciated.


This the class of Section B Molave under Mrs. Lucy Puro.


L-R: Vanessa Alvarez, Jon Christian Guiritan, Vanessa Escalona, Edmar Ibanez, Joenilyn Mercado, Ivee Panares, Yvon Thea Young

L-R: John Patrick Co, Desiree Ang, Julie Ann Cruz, Yvon Thea Young, Jackielyn Subayno, Michelle Anne Cruz

We had our SENIOR'S BALL at THE APO VIEW HOTEL last March 30, 1998.

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